Jogja Plans for Outer Ring Road -

Jogja Plans for Outer Ring Road

By Eka Wahyu

Two other outer ring roads called the Yogyakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR) will be built to overcome the increasing traffic jam on Yogyakarta roads. The local authority stated that the new outer roads will be constructed to connect Piyungan to Prambanan and Sedayu to Tempel regions.

According to Head of Yogyakarta Transportation Agency, Tjipto Haribowo, the ring-roads across the region, particularly the northern road, had become overcrowded since many roads intersected with the ring road beside the development of colleges, shops, and other business buildings that have been overburdened the traffic along the ring roads.

“The new ring roads will transfer large vehicles such as trucks and buses to the outer roads,” Tjipto added.

Regional officials affirm that while it may take at least five years to finish the road’s construction, the difficulty faced by local regencies’ administrations in solving land acquisition issues remains one of the main obstacles to the project’s completion.

Yogyakarta Legislative Council (DPRD) Commission C member Arif Rahman said separately that the construction of the new road should be prioritized near the most overcrowded ring road, the northern ring road.

“The construction of the new outer road to connect Prambanan and Piyungan, which are part of northern Yogyakarta, should be prioritized to help the Northern Ring Road as the road is the most crowded ring road,” said Arif as quoted by

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