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Undiscovered “Pantai Depok”
by Piotr Smieszek

Yogyakarta is a town on the Indonesian island of Java, in the middle of the ancient region of Mataram, which was until the tenth century AD the heart of the kingdom of the same name.

It was during this kingdom when Borobudur and Prambanan were built two temple complexes which attract each year more & more tourists to the city of Yogyakarta. Both of them were honored for thousand years later by UNESCO as a cultural heritage.

A city in itself is not very old because its beginning is dated at the end of the sixteenth century, when under Muslim rule region awoke after 600 years of silence, and opening the era of so-called second Mataram.

For Indonesians, the city also has a patriotic significance. It is in fact a revolutionary symbol of independence, after 350 years of Dutch occupation. It was for four years the capital of the young Republic of Indonesia, after the first president Sukarno proclaimed its independence in 1945.

Yogya or Jogya (as its also known to people) it is also an additional informal cultural capital of Java.

Batik, Gamelan, Wayang, theater arts Ramayana are only few of great number of concepts in the field of art that we could see in the city at every step. However, it does not change the fact that on reality not paintings or canvas, or Javanese dance, but the Borobudur and Prambanan temples are the main magnets that mostly attract crowds of visitors to the city.

And for this ‘mystical duo ’Yogyakarta is worth to be visited.

However, if we already decide to do so we need to know that we can uncover also a large number of small tourist treasures, which should absolutely increase length of our stay here, from two to at least several days.

For each of these places you can tell a separate story because each deserves a separate effort. Perhaps I will tell these stores, stories about the local tourist pearls of the second plan. If you have not eaten fish in Depok,… listen!

One of the undisputed attractions, absolutely not discovered by foreign tourists, is situated in the Indian Ocean black sandy beach Depok, or otherwise - Pantai Depok.

It is only about 20 km away from the urban space and may not be what you expected from the beach as such.

However, would not it be boring if I wanted to tell another story about another beach paradise like thousands on the Indonesian Archipelago?

Depok Beach this very different from "normal’, beautiful beaches because that being the beach, is not her in the general sense of this Word. Depok is not so much a beach for swimming, but ... tasting fish, seafood and local specialties.

The attractiveness of this place is also based on the local fishermen. Their scattered on the sand blue boats perfectly fit in to the landscape, and correspond with the blue sky. With any luck we may be witnessing the starting crew into the sea or their return from the fishery.

Boats gracefully sliding on the sand by a crew consisting of several people, stuck in land or quickly disappear behind the horizon.

And if we talk about the return of the see hunters there are fish in our story that the wives and relatives of fishermen sell at the local fish market, which is teeming with life on the weekends like the beehive.

Families with children, students and couples come here from the city for a picnic, to the family or to find aromatic atmosphere, to eat freshly grilled, fried, boiled, cooked (according to taste and taste-client) fish.

The whole difference of the experience in the Depok Beach lies in the fact that in many small restaurants scattered all over the beach, cooks can specially for us cooked many different types of fish, crabs, prawns, mussels and other types of seafood.

Indeed, the reach to the ocean, the choice of main dishes and the restaurant is great fun and worth a survival experience. An additional advantage of such a choice to spend a day in Yogyakarta, is also waiting time during the preparation of our dishes.

We can sit quietly on a sandy beach and hear the noise of the ocean, which in Depok never stops.

Also the sunset at the local beach is particularly phenomenal and incomparable with other sunsets, which we used to enjoy on the other beaches.

It is thanks to a kind of play of light, rays of the setting sun, with the dark sand of the Beach. Whenever I can get out there on Sunday morning, I wonder how is it possible that there are still no crowds of tourists who crease at the same time on a crowded Maliboro street?

And after dinner it is always good, just to walk a distance to the neighboring beach- Parangtritis.

Although Parangtritis beach, is a different story.

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