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History of a Nation on Works of Seno Andrianto

By Eka Wahyu Hidayat

In his first solo exhibition Seno Andrianto evokes the history of the Indonesian nation through paintings exhibited at Tembi Contemporary Gallery, Bantul, Yogyakarta from October 19 until November 20, 2010. In "History on Canvas", the title of the exhibition, he try to exposing people's feeling of disappointment and sorrows by applying contrasting technique in his paintings.

According to Michael Vatikiotis, the curator, the strong presence of political metaphor in Indonesian painting reaches back to the early revolutionary period when artists, like other social and professional groups mobilized to oppose Dutch rule. "For the artists of the 1930s their struggle was to reject the lush romanticism of Dutch influenced landscape painting that tended to shut out the sufferings of the native Indonesian people. And now, Seno did the same struggle, the spirit to speak up," said Michael.

In this exhibition, Seno displays 12 artworks consist of 10 paintings on canvas and 2 paintings on paper. With his series of paintings, we see a more balanced blend of graceful form and strident statement. The metaphor is simple to grasp – the blindfolded citizenry, searching for answers or a way out, set against the faded and distorted images of historical figures, some revered, some disgraced, or simply murdered.

By bringing figures like Soekarno, Tan Malaka and other revolution icon to life, or rather giving them a metaphorical role in his paintings, Seno is following a fine tradition of Indonesian painters, one that compensates the tendency in this region to forget and bury the past.

For more information about this event please contact:
Tembi Contemporary
Elly A. Mangunsong
Phone: +62 818 468 283
Email: tembicontemporary01@gmail.com

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