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Keparakan Kidul, a new handicraft village in Yogyakarta


Kampung Keparakan Kidul, Keparakan village was inaugurated as ‘desa wisata kerajinan’ or handicraft tourism village by Yogyakarta Mayor Herry Zudianto on Thursday.

Head of Industry, Trade and Agricultural Cooperatives Office, Heru Warjaka Priya explained, the village has population of 2500 inhabitants with 30 units of small and medium-sized handicraft home industries, which have absorbed approximately 160 local workers. “Six business units produce bag, and the rest are producing batik and accessories," he explained.

Heru added 60 percent of products marketed in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. While 35% of them have been marketed up to the Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, and Sulawesi. "Five percent of the market up to foreign countries, including Japan and Korea," he added.

To support the existence of this village, government provides aid equipment, including seven cutting machines, 30 sewing machines, 50 workshop, and 20 road signs. Meanwhile, managerial training and arrangement of space is also given to about 100 workers.

While Heru Zudianto hope this craft village area may be part of the privilege of Yogya, and can be one of the icons of Yogyakarta tourism. He acknowledged, small and medium industries have proven more resilient high, when the economic crisis in Indonesia occurred.

"We hope this village can continue to grow, with the concept of 'what to see', 'what to eat', and 'what to buy'. Hopefully, the crafts village is also supporting the existence of XT Square later."

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